Ontario Viticulture Sustainability




Ontario Viticulture and Winery Sustainability Certification Program

Ontario's grape and wine industry is committed to enhancing its environmental performance by introducing a voluntary and confidential self-assessment tool and certification program to formally recognize the environmentally sound, economically feasible and socially sustainable practices already adopted by its members.  The program provides educational resources to enhance existing sustainable production practices and to record and measure progress. 

The Ontario Viticulture and Winery Sustainability certification program provides an opportunity to market Ontario wine products as environmentally friendly and sustainable. Certification will raise awareness of our industry’s commitment to the environment and increases the ability of Ontario’s wines to compete domestically and internationally.

For more information, please log into the following member portals:
Ontario Viticulture Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool:  eGrape under "Communications 
Ontario Winery Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool:  Sustainable Winemaking Ontario: An Environmental Charter

Growers may use the confidential, voluntary survey for their own information purposes, or may choose to proceed to receive Sustainability Certification.  Once the survey (viticulture and/or winery) is complete, those wishing to proceed to certification will require third party verification of their survey by choosing an auditor from the following list of approved auditors:  


AET Group, Janet McKenzie, Ryan Bourner
AET Group Inc.
531 Wellington Street North, Kitchener, ON N2H 5L6
jmckenzie@aet98.com 519 576-9723 www.aet98.com

Established in 1998, AET is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, auditing and scientific services firm. Our auditing team has considerable experience completing multi-year audits including the Integrated Pest Management Program for the IPM Council of Canada, ISO 14001 EMS/OHSAS 18001 audits for Canadian General Standards Board, Drinking Water Quality Management Standard audits for SAI Global, and numerous stewardship audits for Stewardship Ontario, WDO, MMSM, MMBC and Canada Beverage Container Recycling Association. Our team consists of several certified, competent auditors with first-hand knowledge of the Sustainability Certification Program for Ontario’s Grape and wine Industry and are strategically located throughout the Niagara Region. 
Aureus Solutions, Ted Bailey
Aureus Solutions
398 Bagot Street, Kingston, ON K7K 3B9
ted@aursi.ca 613 893-3680 www.aursi.ca

Ted Bailey owns and operates Aureus Solutions, a niche environmental/sustainability consulting firm in Kingston, Ontario. He is a qualified environmental compliance, sustainability and management system auditor. He has conducted audits and assessments across Canada and helped domestic and international organizations develop their environmental and sustainable management systems. He is a Qualified RABQSA Lead ISO 14001 (environmental) Auditor and has been accepted for certification by the Auditing Association of Canada and the Canadian Environmental Approvals Certification Board as a Lead Environmental Auditor. He grew up on a fruits and vegetables farm in the Ottawa Valley and has worked with Ontario wineries and vineyards over the past several years on sustainability initiatives. 
Hugh Fraser, P.Eng.
OTB Farm Solutions
St. Catharines

I recently retired from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Vineland, as horticultural crop structures and equipment specialist and I’ve worked with 40 years farmers of all stripes across Ontario. I grew up on a farm and I speak farm language. I know how difficult it is to grow grapes and produce wines sustainably while attempting to make a profit, especially in the urban shadow. I’ve worked directly with half of Ontario’s 400+ grape growers and 175+ wineries providing expert advice on; wind machines for cold-injury protection; nuisance noise complaints by neighbours; bird predation; nuisance house flies; drainage and erosion control; and the unique issues of farming in the urban shadow. I hold an Executive Certificate in Conflict Management from Stitt Feld Handy Group; an Environmental Noise Certificate from MOECC; recently attained intermediate oral/written French skills; and currently am writing a book about barns built pre-Confederation in 1867. I’ve mediated hundreds of nuisance noise complaints between grape growers/wineries and rural neighbours and authored two Worksheets in all four editions of the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association’s Environmental Farm Plan (EFP). . 
Tavares Group Consulting Inc., Sandra Tavares, Kirsi McLandress, Sarah Beyea 
Tavares Group Consulting Inc.
140 Ann Street, Suite 205, London, ON N6A 1R3
sandra@tavaresgroupconsulting.com 519 518-6327 www.tavaresgroupconsulting.com

Operating throughout Ontario, Tavares Group Consulting Inc. is a corporate social responsibility firm specialising in:

  • Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), including first through third party auditing for ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in various sectors (e.g. agriculture, energy, municipal, etc.)
  • Integrated Pest Management, Drinking Water Quality Management System and [chemical] Responsible Distribution third party auditing
  • Sustainability gap analysis, planning and implementation
  • Management systems integration and optimization
  • EHS and sustainability communications, training development and delivery 

Our process-based approach to sustainability management led to the development of the Sustainability Toolkit, which provides organizations with step-by-step guidance to meet their sustainability goals.
Ralph Winslade, P.Ag. 
Ralph Winslade, P.Ag.
67 Concord Street, Fonthill, ON L0S 1E5
rwinslade@cogeco.ca 289 897-9684 

Ralph Winslade grew up on a farm and attended the Ontario Agricultural College. Upon graduation he joined the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. He was posted to London, Vineland Station and Guelph. Most of his career at Vineland was spent in business management with farm families involving credit and other financial matters. He was the provincial specialist in income tax and estate planning. In Guelph, he managed the provincial farm business management program until retirement. During this period he served on many Canadian and American Farm Management Committees as well as Township Councillor and Chair of Township Planning and Development Committee and Township Committee of Adjustment.