The Folks Behind the Grapes

Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Meet the Folks Behind the Grapes at

Our local grape growers pursue the fruits of their labour in an entirely literal fashion. This band of grape-growing brothers and sisters cultivate an astounding 40 varieties of grapes, the bulk of which are sent to the region's 178 wineries. the Niagara, Prince Edward County and Lake Erie North Shore regions account for more than 70 percent of Canada's wine production volume. Local grwoers have proven the skeptics wrong. Viticulture is thriving in our province, thanks to these stewards of the land who coax bumper crops of premium vinifera and French hybrid grapes year after year. The economic boost to the area keeps climbing. Our regional grape growers continue to invest (to the tune of $684 million plus) in expanding their vineyards to meet rising local demand for premium winemaking grapes.

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