Canadian Grapevine Certification Network


Niagara - March 16, 2017 -  A new national not-for-profit organization called the Canadian Grapevine Certification Network, more commonly referred to as “CGCN” has been incorporated.

The CGCN is the culmination of a collaborative effort between the Grape Growers of Ontario, British Columbia Wine Grape Council, Association des vignerons du Québec and the Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia. The objective of the CGCN is to advance the Canadian grape and wine industry by ensuring a sustainable supply of certified propagative grapevine material. 

On February 6th, 2017, the CGCN held its first official Board meeting where Hans Buchler, Research Coordinator for the British Columbia Wine Grape Council was nominated to the position of Chair and Bill Schenck, Vice Chair of the Grape Growers of Ontario was nominated to the position of Vice Chair.

The six-member Board also includes James Hopper, Director of Viticulture and Operations at VMF Estates, Matthias Oppenlaender, Chair, Grape Growers of Ontario, Fabien Gagné, Director, Association des vignerons du Québec and Robert Prange, Director, Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia.

The CGCN will make a long-term contribution to the continuous pursuit of excellence of the Canadian wine sector by ensuring that the best quality, disease free propagating material is available to the grape industry,” said Hans Buchler, Chair of CGCN.

The CGCN has actively engaged with CFIA, researchers and nurseries across the country in order to work toward to common goal of ensuring Canadian growers and wineries have access to clean grapevine material.  One of the first orders of business for the CGCN is to establish an industry Certification Committee, who will recommend certification standards to the CGCN Board within the next year.

In addition to working toward a certification program the CGCN will also be administering the national grape and wine research cluster under the Next Policy Framework.

Canada’s grape and wine industry is a significant economic driver to the national economy which contributes $9 billion in economic impact through jobs, tourism and taxes.  As CGCN continues to work toward their objective information can be found on the provincial member websites.



Hans Buchler, Chair                                                             Bill Schenck, Vice Chair
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