AgriInvest PIN Required to File Forms Electronically to CRA

The following information applies to individual producers in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.

Starting with the 2016 program year, producers must provide their Participant Identification Number (PIN) to electronically file their AgriInvest form to the Canadian Revenue Agency. The PIN is a participant's unique identifier for AgriInvest. It allows to automatically match a participant's 2016 information to their prior year records and prevents processing delays. 

Existing participants can find the PIN on the following statements:

  • Annual Statement of Account
  • Deposit Notice
  • Deposit Confirmation Notice

Only producers who are participating in AgriInvest for the first time in 2016 will have to request a PIN before they can electronically file a form.

To request a PIN, new AgriInvest participants must complete a PIN Request Form which is available by:

  • downloading one from the AgriInvest website here, or
  • calling us toll-free at 1-866-367-8506 to request one.

Once we receive a completed and signed form from a new AgriInvest participant, a PIN will be sent directly to the participant by mail.  For privacy reasons, we will not send the PIN to the participants contact person, including form preparers.