AgriInvest Program – Use It or Risk Losing It!

June 21, 2017 - Canadian Horticultural Council

The purpose of the AgriInvest Program is to provide farmers with the first level of support for downward fluctuations in income. Under Growing Forward 2, the AgriInvest Program matching contribution rates were reduced from 1.5% and a maximum annual contribution of $22,500 to 1% with a maximum annual contribution of $15,000.
The government has noted that there is approximately $2.1 billion in farmers' accounts and questions the need to increase the level of support when growers are not accessing the full amounts available to them. By not maximizing the funds in their accounts, farmers are insufficiently demonstrating the need for the program and are at risk of losing the program entirely. This was the case with the old Net Income Stabilization Account (NISA) Program. Because farmers had accumulated $3 billion in their accounts, the government questioned the need for the NISA Program and subsequently discontinued it.  
CHC strongly encourages all Canadian farmers to fully use the funds in their AgriInvest accounts. This will send a strong message to government about the importance of the program, and the importance of restoring matching contribution rates to previous levels.