Grape Grower of the Year (2013-2014)

Wes Wiens

Wiens Family Farms
Concession 6, Niagara on the Lake




Wes was born and raised on a grape and tender fruit farm in Niagara on the Lake where he, along with his parents and 3 siblings worked, learning the value of a dollar as well as gaining the innovative work ethic that has carried his family through the highs and lows of farming. 

Now married, his wife Briar and their 4 children continue to farm with Wes’ family.  Together with his brother Gary, his wife Lauren and their parents Abe and Agnes, they have transitioned to focus solely on vineyards. In addition to numerous experimental plots for varietal, clonal and rootstock comparison, the Wiens family vineyards consist of 19 varieties planted on 400 acres which they supply to 4 local wineries.  

Whether providing grapes to the wineries they grow for, custom services such as planting, trellising and harvesting, or supplying the Canadian industry with grapevine nursery stock and expertise, the Wiens family has dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality in products and services specifically catered to the Canadian Grape and Wine industry.