Grape Grower of the Year (2010-2011)

Debbie MurdzaDebbie Murdza Inglis

Niagara Vintage Harvesters
696 Line 4, Virgil

Married to Rob Inglis.

Dr. Inglis is a second generation grape grower in the Niagara Peninsula.  Her parents, Stan and Doreen Murdza, purchased their first 10 acre vineyard in St. Davids in 1970.  In 1971, their farming company “Niagara Vintage Harvesters” was formed and grew to manage 200 acres of vineyards across the peninsula.  By the mid 70’s, the Murdza family was one of a handful of grape growers transitioning their vineyards to vinifera grape varieties, eager to be part of a new direction for the grape and wine industry.

Grape Varieties Planted: 
Debbie and her husband Rob currently farm their 20 acre vineyard of Chardonnay, Riesling and Cabernet Franc for Vincor Canada and their grapes are used in the making of Inniskillin wines.

Farming Philosophy: 
Debbie’s farming philosophy stems from the notion that great wine starts in the vineyard with quality fruit.  As a grape grower, she strives to understand the relationship between the site and the vines, and determine the efforts needed to ensure quality fruit production from year to year, while keeping the vines in balance and prepared for the winter months ahead for sustainable grape production.  Debbie is a true believer in sharing knowledge, assessing new technologies that can move the industry forward and using the resources that are available to the grape growing community to ensure a sustainable, quality driven industry.