Industry Facts

Industry Overview

  • Ontario is the country’s leading grape producer, accounting for about 60% - 70% of all Canadian production.
  • The Niagara Peninsula accounts for over 93% of Ontario's grape-growing volume.
  • The total farm gate value of Ontario grapes exceeded $63.59 million in 2015.
  • In 2015, there was a total of 17,000 acres of vineyards.
  • In 2015, winemaking was the dominant use for Ontario grapes.  97% of production was used for wine products and 3% for juice, jams and other grape products.

Economic Impact

  • The wine industry generates $806 million in retail sales in Ontario (March 2016).
  • The grape and wine sector generates more than 14,000 jobs in Ontario;
  • $602 million in tax revenues and mark-ups;
  • $3.3 Billion total economic impact in Ontario;
  • The industry contributes $10,000 to the economy for every tonne of grapes grown and sold, compared to $700 for every tonne of oil produced from the oilsands;
  • As a tourism destination, Niagara attracts nearly 20 million visitors annually; more than 1.9 million people visit the province's wineries each year.
  • Grape production enhances the environmental beauty of the province and preserves our rich agricultural heritage. This is priceless.

Source: 2013 Report, Canada's Wine Economy - Ripe Robust Remarkable.