Ontario Vineyard Improvement Program

Intake Four of the OVIP is now fully subscribed and has been closed. Applications will no longer be accepted. All program intakes have now been completed.

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Ontario’s Wine and Grape Industry

As part of Ontario’s 2009 wine and grape strategy, the Government committed to provide transition support to grape growers in line with an industry varietal plan.

Industry completed its varietal plan in December 2010. The varietal plan sets out high-leve industry directions, including the main grape varieties of focus for long-term industry development and the importance of continuing to improve grape quality in the vineyard.

Ontario Vineyard Improvement Program Highlights:

- The Ontario Vineyard improvement Program, which was developed with input from industry,will have two components, the Producer Support Component (PSC) and the Industry Support Component (ISC).

- The PSC ($11M) is an application-based,cost-share program to directly assist eligible wine grape growers to transition to higher demand grape varieties and improve grape quality in line with the industry varietal plan.

- Growers will be able to apply for assistance with a wide range of eligible vineyard improvements.

· In order to be eligible for funding, growers must hold: a farm business registration number; a Grape Growers of Ontario number; avalidated Premises Identification number, and have marketed processing grapes or late harvest juice in the past two years.

- Each grower will be eligible to apply for funding up to a cap based on the number of acres they currently have in wine grape production. 

- The cap for each grower will be calculated at $1000/acre up to a limit of $100,000 each. In total, the program will make $11M available to individual growers over the four years of the program.

- The program will provide up to 35 per cent of the cost for implementing eligible vineyard improvements.

- Only wine grape acreage planted to hybrid or vinifera wine grapes (classes 5 to 10f) will count toward the calculation of applicant caps.

- Grape growers will be able to apply for support for the following types of vineyard improvement:
Vine removal
Vineyard preparation
Vine trellis systems
Consultation with a viticulture expert
Equipment to improve key quality-related viticulture practices
Measures to prevent frost and cold damage
Improved irrigation

- Growers who invested in eligible transition elements after April 1, 2011 may apply for OVIP cost-share funding.

- The program will begin accepting applications for the first intake starting August 2nd, 2011. A second intake will be held in December for year-two funding.