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There are plenty of things to do, places to see and experiences to discover in wine country. For more ideas, follow these links: 


We made maps alot better...with wine

Use this link to create your own wine tour, enjoy, and share your experiences with friends.  Find “info” on wine styles, varieties, appellations (unique features of the land and climate where Ontario grapes are grown), and what to expect at a wine tasting.   

Niagara Grape and Wine Festival

Enjoy 3 events throughout the year. The New Vintage Festival in June, the Wine Festival in September and the Icewine Festival in January.
Visit, Discover and Enjoy Ontario's wineries and Wine Country Ontario. 

Explore the award winning wineries of the Essex Pelee Island Coast (EPIC).  EPIC is a collection of wineries in the Lake Erie North Shore/Pelee Island Region of Essex County, Ontario.

Explore, discover and savour the wines of Prince Edward County, Ontario.  

Welcome to Ontario's South Coast (Norfolk County) warm hospitality and wine.
The story begins deep in the rich earth of this great region, nourishing the delicate fruit
of our vineyards.  From the sun-warmed fields of the southernmost shore of Canada, the carefully nurtured vines surrender their precious vintages.  Deep reds, crisp whites, delicate ice wines – at any one of our 14 wineries the swirl of the glass sets your story in
motion – here in Windsor Essex Pelee Island. 
A government of Ontario site featuring "travel experiences" listed by category
and region. 
This site offers guided tours year round to all of Ontario's wine regions. 
This site offers online bookings for Canadian vacation packages. 
Information on the Niagara Parks Commission's parks, attractions, special events, horticulture, dining, shopping, golf, recreation, transportation, parking and accommodations.
A vacation guide for Niagara Falls, organized into 16 sections, including accommodations, attractions, dining, shopping, tours and other services. 
Niagara Region's official tourism information site, with links to major attractions, accommodations and maps.
The official website of Niagara Falls Tourism including accommodations, attractions, shopping, and other. 

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