A Vineyard View

Grape growers follow the seasons, and work in the vineyards follows a continuous cycle of renewal, growth, harvest and preparation.

Early winter is typically a season of waiting. Growers wait for the nights to get cold enough so the Icewine harvest may begin. Growers wait for the spring, and spend a fair amount of time repairing and maintaining their farm equipment. Growers wait for the dormant period in the vines to end, and spring to begin its rebirth phase.
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Spring is a time for increased activity and the early growth of grapevines. Growers watch the weather, hoping that a late frost does not damage the new buds. In the vineyards, growers prepare the grapevines for a new season.
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Summer is the time when growth accelerates and the vineyard is busy with activity. Growers hope for the right combination of warmth and moisture to create the optimum quality for an excellent vintage. Growers continue to train the growing shoots, treat their crop to withstand pest and disease danger, and maintain nutrients in the soil.
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Autumn brings the harvest, or grape crush, and the rewards of our labours. Because different varieties of grapes reach their peak of ripeness at different times, the harvest continues for several weeks, or months. When the harvest is complete, the cycle begins anew.
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To view photos of the growth stages of grapevines, from winter dormancy to harvest, visit:
Growth Stages of Grapevines