What We Do

We are the advocate of all processing grape growers in Ontario working on their behalf to ensure their grape growing needs are met. 

Grape Growers of Ontario's Strategic Plan 2013 Refresh
Grape Grower of Ontario's Strategic Priorities

We will see the markets for Ontario grapes and wines expand domestically and internationally, on a continuous basis - always finding new markets for our products. Ontario-grown grape products will be demanded at home and recognized internationally.

To work together to achieve sustainable growth and profitability by creating an improved environment for Ontario-grown grape products.


We are accountable to the grape growers for decisions made and for the rationale upon which these decisions are made.

We support innovation through research, new technology and continuous improvement of services provided to the grape growers.

We promote quality by developing and setting standards for vineyard management for the grape growers.

We understand the value of people to our organization's success. As such, we trust, respect and value the opinions of all employees and grape growers.

We are responsive to the needs of the grape growers in a timely manner so that they are supported in their activities which improve their livelihood and economic health.

We exist to serve grape growers by providing them with current, informative and supportive services in order to maintain and grow the industry in Ontario.

Grape Growers of Ontario provides many benefits and services for our grower-members to help them produce the best quality grapes, protect their investments in land and plantings, and achieve profitability in the marketplace. Our growers are the life support for our wine industry.

We are the viticulture industry’s voice and main source of information for government, media and the community. We strive to make clear the true value of our business and promote strong relationships that are crucial to making this industry grow and thrive in a healthy marketplace.

The Grape Growers of Ontario Philosophy

The roots of the grape growers are the efforts directed by a common purpose which is a dynamic evolutionary strategic plan. The deeper the roots, the firmer the foundation.

The grape bunches represent the growing districts throughout Ontario. The grapes individually are the growers of either juice or wine producers.

The leaves are the canopy which gives protection to the grapes which is necessary for growth and survival. The pruning of the vine and canopy is necessary to promote the strength, hardiness and growth of the vine, and its fruit. Grape Growers of Ontario needs the support, service and innovation required to sustain its future and growth.

The vines on the trellis represent and require careful pruning in order to support healthy vigorous growth. The pruning process is required to sustain healthy growth and necessary to avoid long term losses. Each year the Grape Growers of Ontario must monitor its growth by reviewing and revising its strategic direction and pruning out old growth. This process is challenging but necessary.

The trellis in the vineyard is joined and supports more than one vine. Each grower is connected in the same way and supported by the Grape Growers of Ontario.

The combination of climate and geography make Ontario unique. The specialty soils provide the necessary environment for growth of sensitive Vinifera grapes. The uniqueness of the grape growing industry cannot be underestimated and requires a planning framework that protects and manages these significant agricultural lands.

The Grape Growers of Ontario is established to promote sustainable growth by remaining rooted in its commitment to the grape growers and its industry partners.

this industry grow and thrive in a healthy marketplace.

Strategic Plan 2017

Grape Growers of Ontario strives to continuously improve our strategic priorities in order to best serve our members.

We recognize that strategic planning is key to setting the direction and priorities of the organization.

Every five years GGO evaluates and refreshes our strategic plan in order to best address emerging issues facing our members. This year we are actively working on a strategic plan that will see us through to 2022. 

This project was funded in part through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorialinitiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Councilassists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario.