Certified Sustainable

Many Ontario grape growers and winemakers have chosen to take their environmentally-friendly practices one step further by participating in the voluntary sustainability certification program. Visit our Instagram page to hear what it means to Ontario grape growers to be sustainable.


In 2007, the Ontario Craft Wineries (OCW) and Grape Growers of Ontario (GGO) worked in partnership to create 'An Environmental Charter for the Wine Industry' and the 'Ontario Viticulture Sustainability Certification Program'. These proactive programs were developed for wineries and vineyards to provide information on environmental requirements, and identify new sustainable opportunities while complying with existing government regulations. 

In 2021, the OCW and GGO merged the two programs to create one unified program. This program is built around the three core pillars of sustainability – Environment, Economy, and Community. Practices within these pillars reflect how certified wineries and growers are invested in respecting our natural resources, building sustainable businesses, and are committed to social responsibility. Evolving the program to include both winery and vineyard certification ensures that the complete grape to glass cycle is sustainable. Look for 'Certified Sustainable' at Ontario vineyards and on your favourite Ontario VQA wine bottle starting with the 2021 vintage.

Explore sustainable vineyard practices by clicking on the plus signs in the graphic below:

Certified Growers

  • A.J. Lepp Orchards Ltd.
  • James E. Slingerland
  • Southbrook Vineyards
  • Arterra Wines Vineyards
  • Jenkins Vineyards Niagara Inc.
  • Strewn Inc.
  • Berry Vineyards Inc.
  • K.J. Watson Farms Ltd.
  • The French Connection Vineyards Inc.
  • Chateau des Charmes Wines
  • Knizat Farm Inc.
  • Toppensher Vineyards
  • Cool Vineyards
  • Larry Dubois
  • Tregunno Fruit Farms Inc.
  • Daniel Lambert Farms Inc.
  • Lawrie Vineyard
  • Van De Laar Vineyards Inc.
  • De Simone Vineyards
  • Lepp Farms
  • W Farms
  • Eric Willms
  • Niagara College Teaching Winery
  • Warren Ridge Inc.
  • Erwin and Esther Willms
  • Ornelas Farms Inc.
  • Wiens Farms
  • Erwin Wiens Vineyards Ltd.
  • Parkway Estate Vineyards Inc.
  • William Falk Farms Ltd.
  • Ferox Winery
  • Palatine Hills Estates Winery
  • Willow Lake Ventures Inc.
  • Forrer Farms Inc.
  • P.G. Enns Farms Ltd.
  • Wiens Farms
  • Froese Farms
  • Pietersen Farms
  • Zabek Vineyards Ltd.
  • Fruithaven Farms Ltd.
  • Pillitteri Estates Winery
  • George Ostrowski
  • Puglisi Farms
  • Gerald Klose
  • Puma Farm
  • G.W. Farms Inc.
  • Reddecopp Vineyards
  • Glenlake Orchards
  • Reuther Farms Ltd.
  • Hernder Vineyards Inc.
  • Riverbend Farms Inc.
  • Huebel Grapes Estates
  • Riverview Cellars Winery
  • Hunter Farms
  • Seeger Farms Ltd.
  • Icellars Estate Winery Inc.
  • Skubel Family Farms Inc.
  • Jackson Bai Farm Inc.
  • Smith Vineyards Inc.
St. Catharines      
  • Bartelds Vineyard
  • Garphil Farms
  • Glen View Vineyards Inc.
  • Doig Farms
  • G.+ H. Wiley Ltd.
  • J.D. Whitty Farms
  • End of the Road Vineyards
  • Koop Farms Ltd.
  • Shenck Farms + Greenhouses Co. Ltd. 
  • Brian Schmidt O/A Mission Vineyards
  • J. Richard Wismer
  • NexGen Property Management Inc.
  • Cave Spring Vineyard
  • Jason Roller
  • Picone Vineyard
  • Creekside Estate Winery
  • Jim Morrison
  • Quarry Ridge Inc.
  • Elmwood Farms
  • Jordan Heights Vineyards
  • Redfoot Vineyards
  • Featherstone Vineyard
  • Jordan Valley Vineyards
  • Stouck Estate
  • Flat Rock Vineyard Ltd.
  • Joseph R. Lastiwka
  • Stu Morgan 
  • Foreign Affair Winery Ltd.
  • Keczan Farms
  • Tony Molek
  • Funk Farms Ltd. 
  • Le Clos Jordanne Vineyards
  • Vailmont Vineyards Inc.
  • George Farms II Ltd.
  • Malivoire Wine Company
  • Vineland Estates Winery
  • Hidden Bench Vineyards + Winery Inc.
  • Megalomaniac Wines
  • William J. Baranick
  • Hipple Farms Ltd.
  • Walker Aggregates Inc.
  • William P. Baranick
  • Holmestead Acres Limited
  • Mio Vineyard
  • Honsberger Estates
  • Nedelko Vineyard
  • Leaning Post Wines Inc.
  • Ronald Moyer Ltd.
Southwestern Ontario      
  • Oxley Farms
  • Pelee Island Winery & Vineyards 
Prince Edward County      
  • Closson Chase Vineyards Inc.
  • Exultet Estates
  • Rosehall Run Vineyards Inc.














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