What is VQA

Vintners Quality Alliance

Ontario Wine Appellation Authority (OWAA) is a provincial regulatory authority that administers Ontario’s wine appellation system, known as Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA).

Buying VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) wines is a great way to ensure that you are buying 100% Ontario wine. VQA wines are regulated by and registered with the Ontario Wine Appellation Authority. This symbol or name on the bottle means the wine is made from 100% locally grown grapes and has met specified quality requirements. 

For more information visit www.vqaontario.ca.

Non VQA / 100%

There are also Ontario wines made with 100% local grapes that are not VQA. The local grape content is always clearly indicated on the bottle. Look for “VQA” or “Product of Canada.” Only VQA wines can use the word “Ontario” on the label.


International Domestic Blends (IDB) may contain up to 75% imported wine, Ontario wineries must use a minimum of 25% Ontario grapes in an individual bottle of IDB wine

Think you’re buying Ontario wine?  An International Domestic Blend wine is only required to have 25% Ontario grapes – the rest is imported wine. 

To see if wine is an IDB, check the label for the following:

"International blend from imported and domestic wines" or

"International blend from domestic and imported wines"

"Imported" is listed first when the imported wine makes up the largest proportion of the product, and "Domestic" is listed first when domestic wine makes up the largest proportion of the product.

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