Grape King

The Grape King represents a 66-year tradition in Ontario’s grape and wine industry that dates back to 1956. The title of Grape King, or Grape Grower of the Year, is bestowed upon an Ontario grape grower who exemplifies excellence in the vineyard.

Nominees for Grape King must have a working knowledge of vineyard management and the grape growing industry. Nominated vineyards are judged by industry experts from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the University of Guelph. They are rated on a point system based on the following criteria: Cultivars, Diseases, Insects, Weed Control, Soil Management, Canopy Management, Overall Quality of Vineyard, Outreach, and Miscellaneous.

The Grape King is an ambassador and an advocate for all grape growers across Ontario as the grape and wine industry continues to move forward.

List of previous Grape Kings:


Kevin Buis (2014-2015)



Wes Wiens (2013-2014)



Curtis Fielding (2012-2013)



Ed Hughes (2011-2012)



Debbie Inglis (2010-2011)



Bill Schenck (2009-2010)



Lou Puglisi (2008-2009)



Kevin Watson (2007-2008)



Matthias Oppenlaender (2006-2007)



Doug Hernder (2005-2006)



Livia Sipos (2004-2005)



David Johnson (2003-2004)



Daniel Lenko (2002-2003)



Bill George Jr. (2001-2002)

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